How to Make Sakura Bonsai

How to Make Sakura Bonsai


Micro or mini sakura, also known as Malpighia glabra, is a type of flower plant that is commonly used as a mini bonsai (mame bonsai). Has small leaves and flexible trunk so this plant is very easy to shape.


To make bonsai from this plant (other types of plants), if you want to look elegant, you certainly need a structured programming process. The following are some of the stages in making bonsai in detail which have been discussed in the bonsai community by Kan Bonsaimania (from Thailand) and requires 3 years of programming time. This method is the same as in Making a Princess Earring Bonsai that we discussed earlier.

Japanese Sakura or in the biological language is Prunus Cerasoides is a flower plant that was originally imported from Japan. The flowers that grow along the branches are a very pretty color, pale pink.


The species of cherry blossoms are plants in the Rosaceae family, namely the Prunus genus which is a type of plum, apricot and peach. However, in general, sakura is also classified under the subgenus of sakura.


The origin of the name sakura is tribal or in Japanese is bloom is added at the end to indicate it is plural. In English, cherry blossoms mean Cherry Blossom.


The color depends on the species. Usually some are white and slightly pink, some are light yellow, light green, pink, and also bright red.

Sakura Planting and Development for Bonsai

Cultivation of cherry plants can be done by seeding seeds, grafts, and young shoot cuttings. Sakura is not too difficult to cultivate, just consider that this plant comes from Japan which has a cold climate but for tropical Indonesian weather you are sufficient. keep it not too exposed to direct sunlight can use shade trees or under the paranet ..


How to grow cherry blossoms is quite easy. Because at this time to see cherry blossoms can not only be planted in Japan alone. So, Indonesians do not need to go to Japan just to see cherry blossoms, try to find sires who have developed and adapted to the tropical climate and weather of Indonesia.


The process of maintaining and watering this cherry blossom plant is also periodically 2 times a day when the weather is hot, namely in the morning and also in the evening. Or it can be done once in the afternoon. For the cherry blossom plant growth can be said to be very fast in just a few weeks.

Sakura Micro Suitable For Mame Bonsai Table Decoration Mothers' Favorite

Type of Sakura plant is a development where the leaves grow smaller than large sakura so it is very suitable to be used as Bonsai, especially mame / small bonsai which are planted to be used as table decorations or small home gardens which are much popular Eve / Mothers who are happy because the bonsai from this cherry blossom plant flowers beautifully and is beautiful to look at.


Recognizing Sakura Bonsai Tree

In Japan, the cherry tree is known as a festival tree and is also a symbol of happiness that will last forever. Therefore, many Japanese citizens participate in planting cherry trees at their residence to be able to get the same atmosphere, especially in spring.


Maintenance of the tree must continue to be able to make the cherry trees survive. Usually, maintenance steps require a specific method to cut rotten branches or leaves. For some people this can be said to be a hassle, especially for those who do their own treatment.


Therefore, many people have switched to cultivating sakura bonsai trees. Just like other bonsai plants, sakura bonsai is much smaller in size than the original tree. Due to its minimalist size, the maintenance of this sakura bonsai tree doesn't need to require as much energy as caring for a much larger real cherry tree.


Name of various types of trees Bonsai plants: micro sakura Bonsai

tree height from the lip of the pot: 36 cm

Bonsai style: Bunjin The

condition of the tree is very fertile.

Pruning Plants

How to grow cherry blossoms in Indonesia is generally almost the same as planting other ornamental trees. You should also trim some of the annoying or dead branches to reduce certain plant diseases. In addition, pruning the sakura stems also allows for the growth of new branches and heavier flowers. You can even do pruning when the tree is dormant or during the plant's dormancy period.


Eradication of Plant Diseases and Pests

Maintain a clean environment to protect plants from pests and diseases. Clean and prune dead or diseased fruit, leaves, and stems. Then burn the pieces you trimmed in a hot compost pile to kill any insect larvae and disease spores that are annoying. As for some common diseases that usually attack cherry trees, namely fungal rot, leaf spot, and fruit fly attack.